Thursday, February 03, 2005

10 sneezes

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OK - all of you know where it is, but how many of you (especially women) know the precise details about its shape, size, noises (yes, noises), slipperiness, elasticity or flora? If you don't, there is hope. This is an extremely down-to-earth, quasi-encyclopaedic website (with a very friendly embedded blog), covering virtually all aspects pertaining to the vagina. Besides the expected anatomical and medical issues covered, a lot of material relating to sexual arousal, the clitoris, masturbation and orgasms is included. Sarah, the site's administrator, has been looking after and enriching this site since March 2000. And there's a shop as well, so anyone can practically show their support.

Oh, the post's topic. Well, according to a friend of Sarah's, "10 sneezes is the same as an orgasm, on the basis of some questionable scientific data relating to endorphins released during each process". Catch a cold and start counting.

I think some link on Sadie's blog led me to this, but unfortunately lost it. Ah well.


Blogger sissoula said...

I think the psychocerebral anatomy is tougher than the physical one. Can anybody tell me, for example, if Pangalos counts as an “iconic being”?

9:48 am EET  
Blogger Agent Bedhead said... can't possibly mean that you found that site via my page? I'm shocked. Simply shocked;-)

9:26 am EET  

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