Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Le Blog Noir

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Feisty Repartee has recently announced the beginning of a collaborative novel-writing effort - with a vengeance. Christina feels this will be the natural evolution of the Neo-Noir, which was itself an evolution of the original Film Noir.

"Film Noir (literally 'black film or cinema') was coined by French film critics (first by Frank Nino in 1946) who noticed the trend of how 'dark' and black the looks and themes were of many American crime and detective films released in France following the war. It was a style of black and white American films that first evolved in the 1940s, became prominent in the post-war era, and lasted in a classic "Golden Age" period until about 1960...

Very often, a film noir story was developed around a cynical, hard-hearted, disillusioned male character who encountered a beautiful but promiscuous, amoral, double-dealing and seductive femme fatale who used her feminine wiles and come-hither sexuality to manipulate him into becoming the fall guy - often following a murder. After a betrayal or double-cross, she was frequently destroyed as well, often at the cost of the hero's life."

So far, the line up and schedule includes:

Jim at Parkway Rest Stop - February 4, 2005

Key at Key Issues - February 11, 2005

Michele at Divine InnerBitchin' - February 18, 2005

Liv at Not a Shrinking Violet - February 25, 2005

Christina at Feisty Repartee - March 4, 2005

Sadie at Fistful of Fortnights - March 11, 2005

Interested parties may still apply.(Illustration by Jacques de Loustal.)


Blogger Christina said...

Love the picture and thanks for the link!

4:37 pm EET  
Blogger dystropoppygus said...

Thanks for adding us to your support train - I'm personally enjoying the read so far and look forward to Chapter 2!

6:42 pm EET  

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