Friday, January 28, 2005


Love set you going like a fat gold watch

I've felt like an old guy.
I've felt like getting up early and writing in my notebook before breakfast.
I've felt like, what's so bad about solitary confinement?
I've felt stuck again, but on a higher level this time. Like, here, the monsters are faster and meaner, but my gun shoots bigger bullets too.

I don't know.

Lots of things happening at once.

When somebody else beats you at describing how you feel, you should quote them.


Blogger sissoula said...

Be consoled: your bald cry is taking its place among the elements. But that leads us back to the kitten in the box: is anybody listening? Sylvia’s got it too (the cat, I mean, not the existential dilemma), and predictably enough that’s my favorite bit: your mouth opens clean as a cat’s. Something’s fishy in there, but love is the first word and vowels are nearly the last.

9:32 am EET  

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