Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Blogging e-shoes, part II


"This Just In: Blogs Make News, Money [by staci] : The San Francisco Chronicle goes blog crazy with an 1,800-word main story proclaiming 'Web logs come of age as source of news', a glossary and a blog resource sidebar. Send the link to someone who keeps asking what a blog is but be warned you'll also be feeding them some generalizations and a couple of flawed assumptions like the idea that it took the elections to prove that blogs aren't a fad.

From Feedster CEO Scott Rafer, 'There's no reason why blogging won't go the same direction as eBay. Right now, we're five or six years into eBay, and there are thousands of people depending on that system for their income.'
We all know that headlines and stories aren't always on the same page unless -- as is the case here -- the same person writes both. This article ends with Mena Trott dismissing the notion that blogs will replace the mainstream media. 'One thing that's detracted from blogging is the idea that it's trying to replace journalism. Most people are going to use it to create a wine group or a place to talk about their families.' [Jan.24: Link] | Nanopublishing | "

Now, let's just add PayPal for all these news swaps...


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