Wednesday, February 02, 2005

the nature of genius

While we're on the subject of film... I recently saw Scorsese’s latest, The Aviator. It probably will win best picture, because, as I read somewhere, Holllywood will love the fact that it’s about one of its own. Besides that, it’s A Beautiful Mind all over again. We know the formula already, but it’s still a chicken or the egg proposition: is madness a prerequisite for genius or does genius inexorably lead to madness? I liked the film (Leo has grown up a bit, but it was really Cate’s Kate that won me over) but I came away (again) with that uncomfortable feeling that in our day and age, it’s cute to be crazy. Anyone who’s ever dealt first hand with these issues knows, genius/originality/insight aside, it’s not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Roses are red,
violets are blue,
I'm schizophrenic,
and so am I"

There you have it: It IS cute to be crazy!

3:37 pm EET  

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