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The Great Baclava Recipe

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Thomas kindly notified me: his fine blog, Anatomy of Melancholy, just received some high-traffic exposure from the Dame herself in The Huffington Post. Arianna Huffington, currently visiting our corner of the world for a refreshing dip in the Aegean, might have missed the Olympics by almost a full year but did not miss an opportunity to promote what she describes roughly as global blogging practices -- even going as far as hinting at the suitability of blogging as the next Olympics' new competition event!

Apparently, blogging is a trend affected by globalization's reprecussions in the information processing and dissemination industry. Huffington stresses blogs' role in "the democratization of the media" in the US and is eager to present equivalent cases, if not processes, elsewhere. Her choice of post among Thomas' array of interesting subjects is not without reason: the post singled out deals with the tragicomical construction known as the Greek state civil service bureaucracy. But rather than resting the case on the clientelistic system in effect (widely so until only a few years back), Huffington sharply points at the similarity of such with holding practices in Washington, D.C. In case her American readers didn't realize, well -- it's the same democratization needed in both sides of the Atlantic. (And just the one blogs like The Huffington Post are already dealing with.)

As regular readers of this blog might recall, I was particularly vocal when our North American readership climbed to over 20 percent of hits received. Greece is a small country with a relatively low internet penetration index and the vast majority of Greeks who are actively blogging prefer to do so in their mother tongue. For our international readers' benefit, a discussion of readworthy greek blogs in English was posted here less than two months ago. (A follow-up is in order.) At least one of the blogs Ms. Huffington provides links for, Histologion, is in English and (as we had also pointed out) a good departure point for those American readers who might wish to venture into modern Greek blogging reality.

As it happens, I survey the greek blogosphere on a daily basis and often present interesting findings for my greek-language blog. In order to do this, I closely follow over 120 blogs through an automated feeder-service. Well, believe it or not, there are only three blogs in Greek focusing on food and recipes and two of them are written by non-greeks! And I've yet to find a recipe of the famous greek Baclava in a greek-language blog. Which rather makes sense, given that any Greek actually looking for recipes in a greek blog would already know how to make (good?) Baclava. A cheese cake recipe search would be more logical for us.


Blogger S G said...

Why the heck do you need a blog for a good recipe?

Try the nice website which as far as I know is actually maintained by an active blogger (voulariba).

5:21 pm EEST  
Blogger sissoula said...

Well, I for one came for the dyst(r)opian world view (and stayed for the self-disclosure). Did our blog just get a new name? Am I alone here, or did anyone else find Ms. Huffington's "post" a little superficial and a lot condescending?

5:43 pm EEST  
Blogger dystropoppygus said...

Ah, sissoula is back? I thought the cruise to Alexandria wouldn't be over till end-May. Or is it an Egyptian net-cafe you're commenting from?

There are more surprises in stock, btw.

7:03 pm EEST  
Blogger S G said...

sissoula I found ms. huffingtons post just OK.

Greek-Americans writing about Greece will always tend to be "funny" (with a mildly ignorant flavour, as they think Greece is what they left behind 30 years ago) or nationalistically blind (and equally ignorant of Greece in 2005). I kind of prefer the "funny" version and I do not mind any strange jokes as long the intentions are good (although, yes, speaking about baklava recipes is a bit too much on the ignorant side... :-) )

PS oh and excuse me for being entirely off-topic in my previous comment :-)

9:35 pm EEST  
Blogger De(e)lumina said...

blogging has been come so cool, everyone and their grandmother is now doing it.
that's why i've been abstaining!
ms huffington eat your heart out...

as for your previous query dystrop, it seems like the dalai lama has many, many reincarnations, me being just another one of them.
how predictable.

1:40 pm EEST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


what next?


10:22 pm EEST  
Blogger dystropoppygus said...


1:02 am EEST  
Blogger ιονκ said...

42?! ..there is something going on with that number, huh?! (I just saw the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy tonite..)

3:06 am EEST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too late for that, I am afraid, dys!

(although it looks dead...)

8:56 am EEST  

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