Wednesday, April 27, 2005

the baser elements

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As the complex process of coordinating more than fifty muscles begins, control switches from the upper brain to the brain stem, the place where our most basic drives and reflexes are stored…. Scientists call this push-pull action of the muscles the agonist and antagonist.

This is not about sex. It’s about handwriting.

Points of comparison, however, are abundant. Both start as self-conscious acts: a need to sate or be sated, a page to fill. There are physical elements that establish parameters and determine which conventions are appropriate to the context. There are emotional elements that contribute to one’s perception of the final product.

The body knows what it wants to say and will find a way to say it. Words stretch out in snaky lines across the page. They move of their own volition. The brain lags at least three letters behind; it takes that long to catch up or catch on, to any mistake.

I’ve got this great little book from 1978 called Know Yourself through your Handwriting. About my varying slant, threads, and other characteristics, it says: This is the writing of an unpredictable person with changing inclinations. It is the kind of writing often found in teenagers when they are unsettled and experimenting with all kinds of thoughts and ideas, trying to find the most acceptable way of life. It falls short of determination and stamina, but I may be a highly original thinker.

And what about that love letter I’ve been carrying around everywhere with me like the teenager I probably still am? The person with stiff angular connections is firm, strong-minded, uncompromising, tense. His sharp strokes may suggest a puritan streak, a lack of sensuality, and interests that are predominantly intellectual and spiritual. They may suggest something else.


Blogger Loxias said...

Hm, here is an interesting post.

4:29 pm EEST  
Blogger Jinx said...

very interesting...thinking now about my own handwriting, how it is so often changing but always constant in the formation of the most commonly used words.
The analysis of the slanting writing may well be very true for me, and others (like sissoula) who are teenagers at heart. What a shame it is that you can not write in your own handwriting on a computer.

10:34 pm EEST  
Blogger mezizany said...

Funny you mention that you can't "write in your own handwriting on a computer". There is actually a team of researchers Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies that are trying to monitor the biometric patterns of our typing, our handwriting on a computer, to include them into our passwords and computer security.

For example, notice how when you type the word the... do you type the 'th' real fast then the 'e'? well, they're trying to find a way the computer can recognize all of your patterns, and build them into your passwords.

So if i type my password real slow and sissoula comes along and tries to use my password for her evil doings but she types my password in real fast, the computer catches her, just as someone would catch her trying to forge or imitate my handwriting...

(and yes, sissoula knows my passwords cuz she evil that way)

5:42 am EEST  
Blogger sissoula said...

I must be losing my evil touch. According to blogger, I don't know your password. I tried that 6-letter name that used to appear in all your stories.

4:40 pm EEST  
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