Sunday, March 13, 2005

where every cat has a webpage

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Not much was happening around here, so I spent the better part of the morning making a webpage for my cat. First there was Friendster. Now we’ve got not only Catster but Dogster too. Is there no end in sight to the phantasy worlds at our phingertips? Even a cat can have an online persona, a journal too if he or she is so inclined. And what do their owners get? I got the vicarious thrill of imagining my cat's social network expanding exponentially -- and some good recommendations for hotels in Greece. The personal never ceases to blend with the political. Maybe we can change the world, one cat at a time.

Pirated photo of a cat named Abuela, aka Microbutt


Blogger vague tourist said...

One of my multiple personalities is quite secretive about it but I’m certain that he wants to start his own blog. My cat hasn’t requested anything yeτ...

5:15 pm EET  
Blogger dystropoppygus said...

In my opinion, cats don't "request" anything: they take it.

7:57 pm EET  
Blogger diafanos said...

perhaps you can add your cat here?

9:50 pm EET  
Blogger vague tourist said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:11 am EET  
Blogger vague tourist said...

Ναι, ε; Άμα είναι έτσι, να μάθει ν’ ανοίγει το ντουλάπι με τις τροφές μόνη της και να μη με πρήζει τρεις φορές την ημέρα, τουλάχιστον!

1:11 am EET  
Blogger andrea zax said...

Το'λεγα εγώ. Κάποια στιγμή ο κόσμος θα καταλάβει την αξία μας.
Εκ μέρους όλων των γατιών του κόσμου, μπορώ επιτέλους να χουρχουρίσω ικανοποιημένη!

12:55 pm EET  
Blogger sissoula said...

Well, I’m glad there’s sb out there who appreciated the post with all the seriousness with which it was intended. I don’t know what the long-term implications will be, but so far I’ve found the catster experience intensely, insanely rewarding – the cat’s hits are up, and I won’t embarrass myself by comparing his fan mail with mine. In any case, it is funny to see all the differing levels of devotion (let’s call it that) expressed in each “cat’s” webpage. My cat, unfortunately, is illiterate (he admits it himself) and won’t be expanding his any further, but for the time being, I am willing to maintain correspondence(s) on his behalf. I am seriously considering adding his pic to the infinite cat project (thanks, diafanos) but my guy is not one to assume any position on demand.

1:45 pm EET  
Blogger vague tourist said...

Επειδή είμαι ολίγον εύθικτος και, επιπλέον, έχω μεγαλώσει με γάτες δίπλα μου, αυτό το «seriousness» θα ήθελα να το σχολιάσω. Αισθάνθηκα να με παίρνει το βόλι, βλέπετε...

Είχατε ποτέ σας μέχρι και 13 (δεκατρείς γράφει) γάτες ταυτόχρονα; Ξέρετε τι θα πει ζόρι; Έχετε μαζέψει ποτέ ετοιμοθάνατα από φόλες γειτόνων γατάκια κι έχετε τρέξει στους γιατρούς μπας και τα σώσετε ή τους κάνετε την υποχρεωτική ευθανασία για να μη μαρτυράτε κι εσείς και το τετράποδο άλλο πια;

Καλή η χαριτωμενιά, αλλά υπάρχουν και άλλες αποχρώσεις, πλην της ροζ, στη γατοφιλία...

9:13 pm EET  
Blogger dystropoppygus said...

This blog is not color-blind, rest assured. Και μπορεί 13 να μην είχα(με) ταυτόχρονα, πάντως το μερτικό μας το κάν(ουμε), σίγουρα. Και σκουπιδοτενεκέδες αναποδογυρίζουμε, και στο διάζωμα της λεωφόρου φρενάρουμε και ψάχνουμε στα χόρτα, και μπιμπερό χειριζόμαστε όταν χρειάζεται. Οπότε, don't u worry: εδώ οι γάτες είναι πριγκήπισες.

9:45 pm EET  
Blogger sissoula said...

vt, thanks for the dose of real seriousness you infused into the commentary. I don't think we have to best each other with sad stories to know that animals in general are not treated with the dignity they deserve in this country. It's also no great leap to melodrama to say that the way sb treats a cat shows sth about the way he behaves toward people.

7:25 am EET  
Blogger Loxias said...

the way sb treats a cat shows sth about the way he behaves toward people.

Hm, lemme see. My cat bites and scratches me unpunished, obstinately demands my food (at least he never steals), I let him sleep in the kitchen only (because he habitually attacks the mattress at 4 am from below otherwise). He hardly ever sits on my lap, or lets us stroke him -- but gets annoyed when abandoned for more than half a day. His body is an odd shape and he cannot even miaow properly.

I haven't boiled him yet. What does this reveal about me?

11:34 am EET  
Blogger sissoula said...

It is either a loving and forgiving nature that is revealed in such cases of unrequited (rather, unexpressed) love or a foolishly unfounded hope that one day the cat will settle down, the kids will grow up, the kitchen will get cleaned, the presidency will change hands, things will get better – if we just persevere.

Whenever I say sth about my cat(astrophe) to a certain family member, her invariable reply is, “Oh, you’ve still got him?” What can we do but love (forgive) and hope? Boiling isn’t really an option, unless you’re Jerry Falwell's father. And in that case, you've got worse problems.

12:51 pm EET  
Blogger vague tourist said...

Άλλη μια παρεξήγηση, αγαπητή sissoula.

Η συμπεριφορά μου προς το ανθρώπινο είδος είναι επιεικώς κακή. Μη μου βγάλετε και το όνομα! :-)

12:40 am EET  
Blogger mezizany said...

There is another solution. Discipline. Tough love. Strict enforcement of demonstrated rules and barriers.

Shock collars, leashes, rolled-up newspapers, water squirt bottles, switches, in the closet with no dinner...

children, pets and spouses respond well to these disciplinary tactics.

(where's my sarcasm button?)

5:36 am EET  
Blogger Beta Blank said...

Another poor humble opinion:
Cats have a character of their own, so not all of them scratch, nag, bite for the same reasons. I've noticed that my cats will 'attack' me either because:
1) They want to play,
2) I've done something unforgivable that they won't forget in all their cat lives.

They sleep in the basement, or outside when it is summer, they are proud hunters bringing home mice, birds, grasshoppers and basically anything else that moves, and they protect their area to a level of stupidity (i.e. attacking the neighbour's big dog). Actually, to calrify, there is a clear division of labour in what they do.
They rarely fight amongst themselves, they both listen when I call though one ignores me constantly, they can recognise my mom's car from meters away, they take me to the bus stop, they recognise the click of the tin can opening... Oh, and they do talk to me, otherwise at least one of the two would have lost all lives (now only has 2/7 left) and the other would have starved to death...

Wish I had photos to post on Catster...

9:43 pm EET  

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