Friday, March 11, 2005

Competent Connections

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"You're valued not only for your skills, but for your network."
—Sunny Bates, Chairman,
Sunny Bates Associates

Only days ago, this blog's "dynamic duo" became a swinging trio with the addition of De(e)lumina. While the finalization of said addition took longer than perhaps deemed logical and caused several of our regular commentators to offer some caustic humour, we are glad we are three. Time will tell if we should also be happy about it. And we do wish that Loxias, Steph and vague tourist will continue to bless us (and their fellow readers) with their witty interventions.

Presumably, more editors would produce more posts. We do need some time for the dust to settle, people, and there's been a list of productivity-unrelated reasons why you're not immediately seeing double the usual wealth of weird, abstract and heady posts about almost anything that caught our attention: Sissoula is (truly) testing her new high-tech portable computer (of course she also has to configure all OS parameters herself), a development which aims at freeing her from that internet cafe's greedy owner's whims; Dee is battling her way across halls crowded with hysterical undergrads who've been shamelessly yawning during her lectures, only to request clarifications during the very in-between-classes short breaks she normally uses to write up her blog entries. Myself has been extra busy not only servicing the car for a family long weekend in the countryside, but also preparing an adequate piece for my very first ever guestblogging invitation by none less than Sadie, blog-princess of Fistful of Fortnights! Needless to say, this invitation has given us cause to celebrate: it just might signal this team's rise to a more well-lit region of the international blogosphere. After allowing some time for the hit ratings and blog value to settle, a general assembly motion will be in order and Sadie just might receive a free coupon for a glass or two of a greek traditional alcoholic drink -- non-transferable and non-refundable. Well, as I've pointed out elsewhere, if it can't be (about) sex, let it at least be something equally intoxicating. Cheers, Sadie!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been trying to post a comment the last 48 hours, but there must have been something wrong with blogger, 'cause I just couldn't. It seems to be OK now...

I can't reproduce the original comment content now, but it was something along the lines of a warm welcome to the complete trio in full force, and looking forward to your contributions to the blogosphere.

The only frustrating thing is that there is usually so much material (and I expect that there will be even more soon) in your posts, related links etc, that's it completely impossible for me to absorb it all, so I usually do some random sampling.

For example the other day I followed a link of yours into Giornale Nuovo , and saw a very interesting post about Ulisse Aldrovandi.

I am planning to post something about something I saw in there...

6:12 pm EET  
Blogger sissoula said...

Random sampling is what it's all about -- reading/absorbing the full content (ah, but where does it begin or end?) is left completely to the reader's disretion, and extra bonus links (in my opinion) are purely optional from the reader's point of view (but required from the writer's, for sourcing and attribution purposes, usually). I'm going to try to write more succinctly, but it's not really my style (obv.). Meanwhile, looking forward to your new post, and your continued contribution to our project. The triumvirate, believe it or not, is all for power-sharing (and blog-sharing). Cheers.

9:27 am EET  
Blogger vague tourist said...

Έλα, τώρα. Witty και σαχλαμάρες! Και δεν είμαι και ο τύπος που κοκκινίζει εύκολα... :-)

5:59 pm EET  
Blogger dystropoppygus said...

Steph: indeed, the Giornale Nuovo blog is a very intriguing place to visit. The other day I received two CDs from Sweden (where Mr.H. apparently resides): he occasionally benefits his readers with free music from his collection or impromptu purchases that he feels does not receive adequate playtime or does not match his tastes. I vowed I'd do something like this thru this blog of ours, perhaps with books.

vague tourist: I do enjoy both your wit and your witticisms. But your comment has given me reason enough to think about writing up a post on my favorite bloggers. Watch out for it some time this week.

8:04 pm EET  

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