Friday, March 04, 2005

(sexy?) dangerous

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Better late than never, right? Slate had a funny article a week or so ago comparing bloggers to rappers.

What, you ask, could those champagne-swilling, "bitch"-shouting rappers have in common with those Jolt-pounding, "read the whole thing"-writing bloggers? For starters, both groups share a love of loose-fitting, pajama-style apparel. Still not satisfied? Bloggers and rappers are equally obsessed with social networking. Every rapper rolls with his entourage; every blogger rolls with his blog roll. Women can't win an audience in either profession without raunching it up like Lil' Kim or Wonkette. And don't forget those silly, silly names...

Sure, there are a few differences between the blogosphere and the blingosphere. Although bloggers have a certain buzz about them these days, they'll never be cool the way rappers are cool. The blogger lifestyle is dangerous—staying up all night and eating Cheetos will eventually kill you—but not sexy dangerous.

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Blogger dystropoppygus said...

C'mon Sis! You're asking for argument here -- not sex-dangerous? This post (which I know Sissoula had frozen in draft status for a few days, thanks to an unforseen family situation), fits nicely with a comment I posted to Feisty Christina's very relevant question: why do we blog?Well, me thinks its all (about) sex. Very intelligent mostly, perhaps too intellectual for some. And the safest sex one can get at that. Think: Building an image, primarily (where not only writing style, but colors, backgrounds, font - the works, count). Scanning dozens to hundreds of bloggers - yet narrowing down to a handful of "favorites". Regularly interacting with fewer, even. Not to speak of team-blogs or alliances. And the joy of it? Hits, comments, links. Being referred. Becoming talk of the blogtown. Mental reassurance. Nothing physical counts, almost. Its our sur-real "essence" pouring out. We dont even have to feel we control it because we are certain its our true selves. Raw. Virile. Alive.

I need to light a cig.

2:28 pm EET  
Blogger sissoula said...

Okay, let’s say it’s all about sex. We would look pretty hot in SILK pajamas, wouldn’t we? Still, I thought the more controversial part was what it said about women, that we have to resort to raunchiness to get what we want. Wonkette’s doing a good job of it (just look at the blurbs on her site by the Village Voice, NY Times, etc) but so are most (if not all) of the big boys. Maybe it’s the definition of sex(y) that needs some adjustment. Matters of the "flesh" aren't supposed to be safe.

8:29 am EET  

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