Saturday, February 26, 2005

information void

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(Justin) Faunce’s technique is one of obsessive precision. Using a method of meticulous stenciling and applying layers of paint, the artist begins by assembling and arranging an enormous array of found images, both familiar and obscure. Faunce relates the sifting through this imagery as extracting something meaningful from the information void. Like so many of us, Faunce believes that the magnitude of information that we are bombarded with in contemporary life has become incomprehensible. The sheer force of its volume has made it impossible to form cogent narratives from our aspirations. What we are often left with amounts to a collective attention deficit disorder and personal histories reduced to sound bites.

As for me, I had no choice but to grant my otherwise indispensable colleague a leave of absence for the weekend. He mentioned something about a private audience with the president, but I’m keeping my eyes on the red carpet. Let’s demand a full report upon his return. And while the better half of this operation is away (wait, am I the brains or the beauty here?), the mice will play. Or will they dance? The preferred language around here is usually English, but the idiom is Greek.

So, we’re on our own, and I’ve got the keys to the liquor cabinet. The usual topics are still on the table (along with some leftover fasolada). Hector’s also got some ideas should appetites need further stimulation. If all else fails, we can either ignore each other completely, or we can play spin the bottle και βλέπουμε.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i never really liked old stroppy guts anyway. You were always the more understandable or the two

9:49 pm EET  
Blogger sissoula said...

The party's over. I think I see some cheese stuck to the floor.

11:40 am EET  

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