Friday, February 18, 2005

Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?

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According to an article in Pravda, "Russian President Vladimir Putin wears a $60,000 Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar watch while [American] President Bush sports a $50 Timex Indiglo. What's even more interesting is that Putin's annual salary is only $60,000 while Bush's salary, according to Wikipedia, is $400,000 (like he even needs it). Is Putin trading nukes for watches, and did Bush lose a bet? And most curious of all is the fact that Bush's Timex is apparently engraved with the words "George W. Bush President January 20, 2001". That'll be something to pass down through the generations. I didn't know you could even get a Timex engraved. Maybe it was a gift from one of his daughters."

Commentary from: Watch Report


Blogger sissoula said...

The watch enthusiasts have apparently forgotten that the average American, the one that re-elected Bush and actually supports his ever more sickening fiasco in Iraq, is offended at the merest sign of ostentation in one’s everyday appearance (houses, however, are another thing). Kerry’s choice of a preppy barn jacket was said to be one of the predominant factors in his disfavor among a significant number of so-called swing voters. Apparently, it’s okay to play dress-up as a fighter pilot or to be seen with mysterious bulges or mesmerizing ties during public appearances as long as it’s back to boots and basics by the end of the day. As for the inscription on the cheapo watch, I have a different interpretation: maybe it’s a cheat sheet in case he forgets how to spell W. Or if he ever has doubts about whether "president" has one s or two.

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