Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Blog Noir Update

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What better way to remind you all that the Blog Noir project is now getting ready for its 5th installment than use Christina's words?

Four for four.

The Noir Godfaddah created the indomitable Max Robichaux in Chapter One.

The delightful Key took a note or two on the lady Max and ran with her, right square into O'Callaghan and Love in Chapter Two.

The ever-so talented TJ, princess of the one-liners (One slice of bacon away from a triple bypass) added more twistys and turns deep in the heart of Louisiana with Chapter Three.

With a bowed head, I tried to continue the tradition of excellence in Chapter Four.

The lovely Liv is up next with Chapter Five. I fully expect her saucy, smart, and sassy personality will be written all over it.

Bringing up the rear with the unenviable task of putting it all together is our own Soul Sistah Sadie. Do not despair. Sadie is the Noir Queen and the perfect choice to put this project to bed with classy wit and an abundance of intelligence.

I simply cannot wait.

Neither can I, Christina.

Illustration by Loustal - looks like everyone's reading Le Blog Noir...


Blogger Christina said...

Thanks so much for the plug. Sincerely hope you are enjoying this project as much as I am.

; )

10:56 pm EET  
Anonymous Jim - PRS said...

Thank you so much for reading Blog Noir, and a special thank you for the kind words.

Da GodFaddah

1:24 am EET  

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