Sunday, November 14, 2004



(It's, actually, by Catherine Skidmore.)

Happy six-years-in-NY, Jay!

Today's moment of Zen: back during the Heather/faux-Munchausen-by-Internet saga, I'd been exchanging emails with Dr. Marc Feldman, an expert in the field of factitious disorders (which we covered in class this week). My interest being piqued because of the class lecture, I looked in the index of his book, Playing Sick, to see what info he had on internet use and factitious disorders - and to my surprise, found a blurb and email quote about Heather that I had included in the info I sent him! How cool, kind of. I knew I should have read the book earlier. It's on page 168, and they changed her name to Arlene. It was seven years ago, but it won't go away. There's also a quote from - I think - Melissa Anelli in there, too.

And the book is fascinating - people are really screwed up."

Catherine has been on the web since time immemorial. I used to follow her online diary and felt a bit like being in NYC myself back then. I guess she smelled like a blogger before there were any blogs around.


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