Thursday, November 04, 2004


Patrick kept asking for some photos of where I live but I guess my brain refused to register this task as a priority. Well, something happened that made me grab the camera and record the event: we decided to turn the backyard into a proper garden. Enter the bobcat!


This little monster is noisy! I have to admit it's up to the task - it removed what looked like tons of garbage, shifted the ground, gave the neighbors almost a nervous breakdown, unearthed the place completely...



Of course, this was Day #1 of the project... I am now expecting a truckload of fresh composte so that the planting can begin... just in time for the rainy season (we've had just two days of rain in the past five months here in Athens...).


Patrick, anybody -- will you give me a hand?

First posted as 'A bobcat's view to where I live'.


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