Tuesday, September 28, 2004


i was just thinking awhile ago..abt something that has kinda been nagging at me.... i realised that since ive entered hc, ive lost the kind of confidence that ive always had...perhaps it's due to the fact that i no longer seem to excel at my wk...but cld the reason why i seem to be not excelling be due to the fact that ive no confidence in myself? to me, that seems to be the more probable reason... ive come to notice tt i think of myself as 'inferior' to the pple arnd me in sch...n y shld i do that? i hate tt feeling...sometimes they make me feel inferior...talking to me like im a goddamn idiot. but i noe im definitely not.. n im not superior, tts not wad im saying, but im on par....and nobody shld have the right to make me feel dumb or anything...the next time somebody does that, im goin to tell it as it is right in their face...cos no one has the right.

Don't Catch me as I Fall


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