Monday, April 04, 2005

use your (very small) noodle

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I spent some of Saturday in a hotel room in Athens, watching the Pope die on TV. A few mohitos later, something inside me started to die, to die down, anyway. More than one noodle was involved.

I once read that the world’s most beautiful people (based on some innate, biologically determined standards of appearing healthy, symmetrical, and somehow suitable for procreation) are Thai women and Cretan men. The restaurant was supposed to be Thai (but the staff wasn’t) and I tried not to think about Cretan men, one in particular. I thought a lot about beauty, and not just the kind you look at.

I was in Athens again for a seminar this time, and I met four interesting people, three of whom were men. The first (not necessarily in chronological order) told me a story about a man who escapes the monotony of his everyday life by spending one great weekend in some exotic, dangerously inspiring location, only to find himself back in the same dull routine at the adventure’s end. If the outcome of this life-changing experience was that his life hadn’t really changed at all, was it worth it?

Some fires are hard to start and hard to snuff.

The second was a young man, an unassuming type, who turned out to be disarmingly charming in an understated, self-deprecating kind of way that I found extremely winning. He asked me some great questions, none of which I managed to answer to my own satisfaction or probably his. I have realized that there aren't too many chances in life to meet people you find really interesting, and if it happens, you shouldn’t let them slip away. So I invited this person to the blog, and I’m hoping he’ll put in an appearance soon. If he does, ask him who killed JFK. (It was not the dog, after all.)

The third was Marcello. Is the name not enough? He befriended me when the lights went out… and we had to change trains.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the woman?

5:24 pm EEST  
Blogger sissoula said...

Stay tuned. (And is that really all you have to say about it?)

6:07 pm EEST  
Blogger Loxias said...

noodle? Moreover, small ones? Ah, obscenities on these hallowed grounds!

What is this world coming to?

11:00 pm EEST  
Anonymous Greek Psycho said...

To diadiktio dinei tin efkairia se atoma apo olo ton kosmo na erhontai se epafi metaxi tous na antallasoun apopseis, empeiries. Na gnwrizontai pragma poly simantiko se antithesi me mia genikoteri kahipopsia stis anthrwpines sheseis stis meres mas. Idiaitera ta blogs einai apo tous kaliterous tropous gia na ginoun gnwstes apopseis pio ennalaktikes kai me pio elefthero tropo. Pragmatika pistevw oti oi apopseis kai oi istories sta blogs dinoun allo noima stin epikoinwnia me tous allous. Oi liseis pou sou dinontai mesw blogs apo tous allous users, oi asteies istories, oi idees einai ola afta pou kanoun ta blogs katapliktika. An mporeis kane check sto diko mou blog ( kai link me to yours if you like. Thnx

11:43 pm EEST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(And is that really all you have to say about it?)

Well, for me meeting really interesting people is relatively rare, lately, so 4 in a weekend sounds great! Hell, even 1 is great!

The "Marcello incident" seems like it might deserve an entire post of its own, though :-)

1:22 am EEST  
Blogger sissoula said...

Steph, you're right, 1 was especially great. As for Marcello, wow, where to start? I don't think he'll ever find his way to this (katapliktiko?) blog, so I can safely disclose that he's a very distinguished, blue-eyed, curly-haired Sicilian surgeon working at a Very Prestigious university in England, and he is so Famous that he has never had nor ever carried a business card... but now he's carrying mine.
Loxias, the world would indeed be heading to hell in a handbasket should any double entendre be lost on you. Didn’t I say there was more than one noodle? Maybe there was even more than one kind of noodle. I put some chop sticks to use on mine.
Greek Psycho, on behalf of the triumvirate, I’d like to thank you for your attention to our humble project. I’m interested in what you said about suspicion. Maybe we do express ourselves more freely in this medium, but I think it’s harder to suspend one’s disbelief when it comes to matters of personal, not merely political or intellectual, interest when the points of contact are indirect at best. And just one more provocation of my own: I’m surprised no one wants to say anything about symmetry, or the world’s most beautiful people.

7:22 am EEST  
Blogger sissoula said...

I see that somebody beat me to it and busted this guy’s ass. For the record, I was willing to give him (half a) chance to earn our affections through interesting and RELEVANT comments on any number of subjects in the post. Do we have a policy here that I am unaware of? Or maybe the ass-busting refers to some activity on some other blog. In any case, it wasn’t me, GP.

12:16 pm EEST  

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