Saturday, January 15, 2005


Shakespeare's Sister

Suffer the Little Children

The Washington Post is reporting (link via AMERICAblog) that a Christian missionary group based in Virginia has airlifted 300 Indonesian children left orphaned after the tsunamis to the capital city of Jakarta, from their home in the Muslim province of Banda Aceh. The group, WorldHelp, says that it intends to raise them in a Christian orphanage which it, apparently, has yet to build. They are, however, currently attempting to raise funds for the project.

According to their Foreign Ministry spokesman, Indonesia has no knowledge of this airlift, and finds it unlikely that any Indonesian official would have approved the airlift, as there exists a ban on the adoption of Acehnese children orphaned by the disaster.

This leaves one of two possibilities: either WorldHelp does not have 300 children in its care, but is using the claim to pilfer funds out of Evangelical Christians’ pockets for the proposed orphanage, or an American Christian missionary group has just committed a mass kidnapping. Unfortunately for the children, it appears to be the latter.

Update: Plan "dropped". Read on.


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